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The Original Super Techno Crane is the allrounder, and fits in between the 15ft. and the larger 50ft. The crane has a manual telescopic columen, for easy adjusting to the demands needed. ST30 can be shipped in a regular 7.5t truck.

The standard package includes the Supertechno 30, dolly with motorised post and pneumatic wheels, 2-axis Z-Head, Preston FIZ, operator’s console, HD colour monitor, and all necessary cables and rain cover.


Choise of its own 2 or 3 axis camera head, accomodating most film or digital cameras but it accepts other remote heads (inc. Alpha Stabilised, Scorpio Stabilised)
Option of hand wheels, joystick or pan bar to operate camera
It will accept most 3D rigs and havier camera packages
Fully encodable
Broadcast ready
Can be mounted on the Panavision Multi Terrain Base, Chapman Supernova, A.T.B. Base, C.S. Base, Olympian 3 and Maverick.

Panavision strongly recommend that two grips be used when operating this piece of equipment. A crane technician must always be used with this item.