Based on the award winning Panavision Ultra Speed Prime lenses, the PVintage Series delivers superior mechanical performance while retaining their characteristically smooth organic imagery. And we didn’t just make these “look like” vintage glass; the PVintage series uses true vintage glass from actual Ultra Speed Prime lenses, re-housed in modern mechanics to be more user friendly.

The new design features modern external housings and improved opto-mechanical transport. The new 4.440” Primo® diameter eliminates the need for adapter rings, and the bold, easy to read dual-side focus and aperture scales allow you to easily work on both sides of the camera.

Panavision Ultra Speed lenses have enjoyed continuous demand since their debut in 1976. The PVintage Series uses the best features of the original Ultra Speed lenses, re-engineered and restored to their peak performance. PVintage lenses are the same lenses top cinematographers have chosen for more than 35 years, with the enhanced mechanical performance today’s filmmakers demand.