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These lenses feature high contrast and resolution, low lateral color, negligible veiling glare, low ghosting and distortion, and consistent image quality throughout focus and zoom. Designed and manufactured by Panavision® with digital in mind

Digital cinematography lenses have to compensate for the reduced size of the CCD image. At only 11mm in diagonal length, as compared to 27.5mm for 35mm film, the ⅔ inch CCD requires 2.5 times more horizontal magnification. This meant that Panavision® had to design lenses with 2.5 times the performance of the best film lenses.

We designed the Primo Digital lenses to address the challenges of resolution and depth in the ⅔ inch format. To maximize versatility and optical image quality, Panavision developed a precise recipe. Primo Digital lenses feature state-of-the-art mechanical components, such as ultra precision linear bearings, direct drive systems with no gears, low static and dynamic friction, minimal backlash, ultra smooth movements, and stable boresight. Add in high reliability and durability, exotic glasses, finely ground aspherical surfaces, high efficiency anti-reflection coatings. Then put it in an easy-handling, lightweight package. The ergonomic features of these lenses includes dual focus, zoom and iris scales, individually calibrated scales, expanded focus scales, linear iris scales, and optimal zoom scale markings.

Panavision offers six digital primes in focal lengths ranging from 5mm to 35mm, all with an aperture of T1.6. Four digital zooms – a 6-27mm with an aperture of T1.8; a 25-112mm at T1.9; an 8-72mm at T1.9; and a 9.5-105 at T1.6 – provide a full compliment of zoom options.

The Primo Digital lenses are compatible with most Panavision accessories and are optimized for ⅔ inch digital cinematography.