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The PIX 240i records QuickTime® files to removable 2.5-inch solid-state drives in either Apple ProRes® or Avid DNxHD® video formats. It integrates with many of the cameras available today to deliver a file-based workflow that is ready for editorial or post.

As with all Sound Devices products, audio quality is impeccable and delivers perfect synchronization between video and audio. It can record up to 8 channels of embedded audio or receive two analog inputs and simultaneously up to 6 additional channels of audio embedded over SDI. Each of these audio tracks have independent control for level and delay.

The PIX 240i features a rugged, lightweight chassis made of metalized-carbon fiber with four thread mounts on two axes to afford a wide range of mounting options. A 5-inch IPS display serves as an accurate field monitor for production cameras and doubles as a fast, simple menu interface. A built-in Ambient time code generator supports all common time code frame rates and modes.