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Macro Lenses SM Series

These lenses matched the Primo® Primes for color and performance. The focal lengths in this series of lenses ranges from 50mm to 200mm with maximum apertures ranging from T1.4 for the 50mm lens to T4 for the 200mm lens. Close focus distances range from 9 inches to 27 inches. The 90mm macro focuses through normal magnification ratios to macro (1:1) and down to micro. (Micro magnification is where the image on the film or sensor is larger than life-size.)

Panavision® Frazier Lens System – FLS

The Frazier Lens System features a unique “swivel tip” that enables smooth panning, tilting, Dutch Head movements, and rotation about the optical axis (both through 360º, with unlimited global orientation) for a wide range of taking lenses. Requiring just a simple turn of a follow-focus type knob, the FLS produces a continual image rotation centered about the optical axis (through 360º) while the camera system remains stationary.

Combined with a wide angle taking lens, the FLS can also deliver extreme depth of field to produce unusual shots of in-focus objects placed anywhere from macro to infinity distances. The physical shape and movements provided by the system resolve the lighting difficulties usually associated with close focus/macro objects. Other features include internal filtration (glass and/or gels, manual infinitely adjustable polarizer) and the acceptance of bellow-less perspective control and slant focus lenses for the most unusual shots.

The system covers the Super 35mm format with a maximum aperture of T7.1 and features dual focus and T-stop scales.

Special Purpose Lenses and Optical Accessories

Since 1954, Panavision has built many customer-requested spherical and anamorphic lenses – primes, zooms, projection/printer optics, etc. We can create a special purpose, one-of-a-kind lens to meet your specific requirements.

6mm T2.8 Fisheye Lens – SF6

This lens covers the Super 35mm format and fits on all Panaflex 35mm cameras. It has a close focus distance of 1 foot 6 inches with a more than 180-degree field of view. The lens accepts one internal 40.5mm glass filter and up to two gels, or one manually rotatable 40.5mm glass filter.

6mm T3.5 Nikon Fisheye Lens – SPN6

This lens covers the TV safe action format only and fits on all Panaflex 35mm cameras. It has a close focus distance of 10 feet 6 inches and a 200 degree field of view. The lens accepts one internal 40.5mm glass filter.

Inclining / Low-angle Prism – IP3

A low angle prism allows you to shoot only a few inches from the floor. For proper results, the widest spherical lens should be a 21mm and the widest anamorphic a 35mm C Series or G Series. The Prism effects is a ¼-stop loss.

1.4x Primo Extender – 1.4XE & 2x Lens Extender – 2XE

These extenders mount between the lens and the camera to increase the focal length range of the lens. The 1.4x extender imposes a 1-stop loss, while the 2x extender effects a 2-stop loss.

Series 2000 Century Precision Periscope – CV35II/CPPS2T

Designed for superb rendering of miniatures and tabletop shots, the Century Precision Periscope works well in a variety other shooting situations. The periscope, which is a T4, provides improved image quality, good field illumination, and reduced field curvature. The iris of the periscope gives you the control needed to minimize vignetting. The Periscope works with most Panavision lenses, has its own aperture readings, and works with standard follow focus units.

Innovision Probe II – IVP2

The Probe II provides excellent optics and enables shooting from a very low perspective. Its high resolution glass elements provide excellent sharpness and great depth of field. The Probe II features 40.5mm drop-in filtration and comes in six focal lengths: 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 32mm, and 40mm. The Probe II also includes a 45-degree prism attachment for the 16mm, 20mm, and 32mm lenses. The small diameter primes are ideal for tight spaces and macro magnification.

Revolving Zoom Mesmerizer – RZM

This Cooke 5-1 zoom lens has a maximum aperture of T4.8 and contains a motorized rotating anamorphic element.

Kish Front Anamorphic Mesmerizer – MES

A mesmerizer attachment for 75mm and longer prime lenses.

Low Distortion Wide Angle Adapter – SLWA

A wide-angle attachment for the Primo Close Focus 14.5 mm lens which converts it to 11.5mm.

Century Fisheye Adapter – CFA

This adapter for selected 16mm and 35mm prime lenses creates severe distortion and exaggerated depth in the image.

Portrait Lenses

The portrait lenses provide a soft focus look around the edges of the frame, leaving the center of the frame in sharp focus. There are eleven prime portrait lenses in focal lengths ranging from 14mm to 85mm, with close focus distances ranging from 2 feet to 2 feet 6 inches and apertures of T1.4 to T3. There is one zoom portrait lens – a 20-100mm with close focus of 2 feet six inches and an aperture of T3.1.

Flare Lenses

Panavision created these popular lenses were for the movie Saving Private Ryan. Since then, these lenses have become a high-demand member of Panavision’s specialty optics inventory. There are nineteen prime flare lenses in focal lengths ranging from 14mm to 135mm, with close focus distances ranging from 2 feet to 5 feet and apertures of T1.3 to T3.0. The coatings and special internal characteristics of these lenses create flare and decreasing resolution, contrast, and saturation.

Slant Focus Lenses

These lenses allow tilting of the focus plane in any direction before or during shooting. There is no change in perspective and the effect is similar to a split diopter but with no line to hide and continuous variable power. We offer two slant focus lenses – one a 24mm with a T3.5 aperture and 12-inch close focus, the other a 45mm with a T2.8 and 16-inch close focus.

Panavision/Century Swing Shift System – PVB

The PVB features a bellows lens system that allows for a variety of extreme lens movements including swing, shift, tilt, rise and fall, macro focusing, and beyond. Compatible with all Panavision mounted camera systems, the PVB series includes 12 lenses in focal lengths ranging from 14mm to 150mm and apertures from T2.8 to T4.5.